Our service area includes Engineering, Construction and Consultancy


VM Infra is a 3-decade-old Company, known for its fast and reliable round-the-clock service. With a large force of trained technicians and engineers, VM Infra brings to the table, professional expertise and capability in all its services, building for roads , streets , circles, squares, parks,statues, parking places,bridges,dams, water reservoirs, tunnels, tanks, drains, sewage, building for whatever use, roads , approach roads, streets , circles, squares, parks, gardens, statues, parking places, bridges, dams, water courses and reservoirs, tunnels, earth works, sewers, tanks, drains, sewage, light houses, towers, transmission towers, oil & gas, pipe lines, plant fertilizer, Chemical fertilizers, thermal power plant, HT ( Hight Tension) & LT (Low Tension), substation transmission line, underground cables, railways tracks, railways sidings run ways ship yards, stock yards, culverts, light houses, towers, pipe lines, underground cables, railways tracks , ship yards, stock yards and more ! We construct


By working thoroughly to serve the construction industry, VM Infra has earned a reputation as a reliable, competitive and highly skilled fabricator and Contractors. We work closely with general Builders, developers and owners to plan, design and fabricate both the structural and diverse steel. Our field of expertise currently includes design, engineering and execution / construction of complex & integrated distribution projects, elevated and underground reservoirs, mass housing projects, commercial complexes, pre-cast design & construction, road construction and real estate.


VM Infra is one of the most leading Consultants Agency for Fabrications and Infrastructure. Our consultancy services include impact analysis and monitoring of the project from scratch. These services are manifested by our high profile engineers who have thorough knowledge regarding this field for we never compromise with quality of services offered.