We at VM Infra are committed to ensuring a safe and healthful workplace along with protecting the environment. We believe that safety and protecting the environment is good business and today if we don’t think our future would be affected. At VM Infra we take Health Safety and Environment on a very serious note.

Environmental Policy

VM Infra believes that everything we do affects the environment, as such we are committed to managing these activities that give rise to environmental damage. Our business is such that we believe the greatest impact that happens or damage that happens is during the construction activities, most of these activities are often temporary and diverse, and the sites we work should be made environmentally sensitive. Compliance with environmental legislation and other environmental requirements, including those of our client is our minimum requirement and provides the foundation upon which we manage our activities.

At VM Infra we provide all our engineers, staff and labour with the skill and knowledge to identify, access and manage the environment and the social issues associated with site and work. We also ensure all our sub-contractors get all required knowledge and make their team aware of the issues and environmental issues associated with such projects.

Health and Safety Policy

Health & Safety is at the heart of all our activities at VM Infra, we ensure that all our employees and their family health and safety is well taken care. We at VM Infra are very active in the management of health & safety and employ a full-time team of professional safety managers who provide support and advice throughout the company and our work sites. When it comes to health care the company has tie-ups with various leading health care organizations and we also conduct regular safety camps at our office and various sites for the employee family and their loved ones.

Our Health & Safety competency and skill base is constantly reviewed and updated to reflect changing needs at industry or client level. All our team members have the opportunity to enhance their skills and qualifications through our safety managers.